Commerce Connectivity: Buy vs Build

We recommend checking out this article on The Next Web blog on the case of why a company should buy vs build in order to stay focused on the things it does best.

The case the author makes on why tech companies fall into the “build” trap really resonated as many of our customers found out the hard way why, in most cases, it makes sense to work with a partner for commerce connectivity.

Since tech companies already have engineers and developers on staff, when they need to expand their software’s capabilities, they simply set their existing team on the problem.

However, when there are areas where a vendor can do a better job than an internal team, organizations should lean into that, and work with that vendor to improve its product.

This type of outsourcing is not a failure but a smart allocation of resources. You’re buying back time that engineers would otherwise have wasted building substandard features, and empowering them to use their talent where it’ll do the most good.

“You’re buying back time that engineers would otherwise have wasted building substandard features”

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If you’re interested in leveraging our expertise to assess (or build) your connectivity strategy, simply reach out so we can coordinate getting the right framework in place before you start spending hundreds of thousands in integrating into any market. We’ve created pre-integration phase connectivity consultancy offerings as a starting point to ensure you realize a positive return on your integration investment.

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