The Ever-Growing Importance of Multi-Channel Sales via eCommerce Connectivity

Businessman touching global network and data customer connection on space background

Expanding to multi-channel sales is critical in eCommerce.

Selling across different platforms results in as much as 3X the engagement as selling on a single channel. Multi-channel sales rely on synchronized data so it requires each eCommerce platform to communicate with each other in as close to real time as possible. Check out this Anchor Group blog article on the importance of Connectivity in eCommerce.

Connectivity solutions like the Itembase iPaaS are able to support the range of eCommerce applications and processes and remove the need for dedicated developers by connecting all applications so they work together intelligently.

At Itembase, we specialize on the optimization of commerce connectivity channels. If you’re interested in learning more about these high-impact channels and walking through a sample go-to-marketing rollout plan, reply and let’s connect further.

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