Merchants Expect Simple Onboarding

When running a retail or ecommerce business, Merchants now expect:

Availability on all Channels

Limitless Connectivity

No IT Work

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Infrastructure Requirements

Software, Infrastructure, Risk, Procurement and Finance want to have their say.

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Merchant Expectations

Merchants expect support because they are busy and don't have IT resources available.

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Sales Expectations

Sales Teams are expecting seamless and endless integrations available to sell.

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Marketing Expectations

Marketing Teams expect to be able to use all channels with custom content and funnels.

Itembase' single focus is onboard merchants.

The whole Itembase organization was build to support companies to reach, convert and onboard ecommerce and retail merchants. IT included! We built the expertise and knowledge for every department by onboarding over 300,000 merchants across 100s of different eCommerce Solutions and Apps.

Background -

Let the
Numbers Speak!

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to Commerce Systems
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We Unlock Your Ecommerce Potential

Our eCommerce Connectivity Experts come from businesses of all shapes and sizes, but they share one thing in common - a background in eCommerce. Together we're all focused on helping companies reach, convert and onboard merchants at scale by implementing the right technology, materials and processes across every single department in your company.

  • Sales Potential
  • Marketing Potential
  • Partnership Potential
  • Product Potential
  • IT Potential

The kind of Feedback you want from Merchants

Integrations is typically a the boring hassle that no one wants to deal with. Turn it in to your strategic advantage with Merchants.

Great customer service. My representative’s description of what the company offers and what my possible results could be were very accurate. It has only been a couple of months and I am very pleased. So far, worth the cost.

Peter Hansson
Shop Owner

They are so helpful. Definitely helped us. A+ service. Great value and worth the investment. Many thanks.

Helen Alison
Brand Manager

Un nouveau service qui peut apporter une meilleure rentabilité aux vendeurs,à voir dans quelques mois avec un peu plus de recul.

Barbara Nabey
eCommerce Manager

Market Leaders and High Growth Startups have used the Itembase iPaaS to onboard over 300,000 Merchants to their Apps.

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Need to take full advantage of eCommerce Integrations?

Our iPaaS is build with all the features you will encounter when scaling your eCommerce app.