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Can your IT keep up?

eCommerce Success starts with Connectivity

In the past 5 years we went from 12m eMerchants to 25m. Today 1.6 billion consumers are shopping online vs. 1 billion in 2013. Every 2 weeks another Commerce Systems launches in order to keep up with the need for modern transaction systems. This adds to the 500+ Systems that already exist, just online. That’s an increase in touch points that customers want automated of 4,000 in just 5 years. Imagine the change since 1995 when eCommerce just got started. Can you keep up?

Rely on us to scale your eCommerce Connectivity

Leveraging the Itembase API eCommerce Platform to conduct your business will change the way you think about eCommerce. You will experience a transition from the old world of long integration times and huge integration budgets where integrations was seen as a necessary evil by everyone outside of development, to a world where connectivity in eCommerce is a simple, quick and scalable task that is fun for a Developer to work on because other departments love the speed and data advantages that are associated with it.

Industry Vertical Leaders who joined the Journey

Connecting the World of Commerce

Merchants Worldwide

  • Merchant Reach 75%
  • Merchants Connected 4%

eConsumers Worldwide

  • Consumer Reach 42%
  • Consumers Connected 3%


Companies who use Itembase see clear results

3x Quicker Launch

Launch a new Market or Integration 3x Quicker

76% Increased Retention

Merchants simply stay longer when enabled through DataConnect

42% Merchant Growth

Companies using Dataconnect experience more growth

Catching up with Amazon…

…is a goal for many of our Customers. Amazon is dominating eCommerce and setting new standards in many areas. Our customers are frequently affected by Amazon one way or the other. Some positive, some negative. Important for all of them is to help their Merchants grow and operate more efficiently. We therefore help the Merchants of our Customers become more competitive.

The graph shows the difference in Amazon CAGR vs. eCommerce Market Average CAGR over the last 20 years.


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