Merchant Financing Apps

Itembase lets you launch Merchant Financing Apps & Integrations across 500+ eCommerce channels with a single iPaaS, removing IT bottlenecks.


to convert

Design the Apps and Integrations for your Merchant Financing application to serve merchants with features and help marketing and sales convert.


without IT

Build your Merchant Financing App to connect to 500+ Commerce Systems with one integration to us or let us build it for you.


like a pro

Launch your Merchant Financing App with proven methods to get the most value to your merchants.



Promote your Merchant Financing Apps and Integrations on 1000+ channels from App Stores to Google, YouTube and Exclusive Partnership Channels.


your business

Increase sales pipelines, closing rates, revenue and lifetime value of merchants using your Merchant Financing solution.


Market Leaders and High Growth Startups have used the Itembase iPaaS to onboard over 300,000 Merchants to their Apps.

Our Customers

Find out how our customers use Itembase

Itembase Case Study - $200,000,000+ in New Pipeline from eCommerce Apps

$200,000,000+ in New Pipeline from eCommerce Apps in 36 Months

Challenge & Goal The eCommerce transition had led to increased requests for core logistics services along pick-up point integrations and the Company decided it needed to provide pre-built integrations to enable prospect inflows to convert into customers quicker. After running an RFP, the Company chose an outsourcing provider to develop the integrations to ensure internal…

Itembase Case Study - From $0 to $1.5m in Revenue with Integrations in 4 Months

From $0 to $1.5m in Revenue with Integrations in 4 Months

The Challenge & Goal Retailers had traditionally been integrated by placing the burden of work on them, but as more and more retailers were going through the digital transition, they were no longer willing or didn’t have the resources to spend the time & resources anymore. The Client was looking for a way to solve…

Itembase Case Study - From 50-11,000 Merchants in 12 Months with eCommerce Apps

From 50-11,000 Merchants in 12 Months with eCommerce Apps

Challenge and Goal The Company was venture financed and had clear milestones for future fundraising rounds which were of top priority. Furthermore, they had to grow overall market adoption to a certain level that would enable them to move upmarket to larger clients, resellers and channels partners. The digital receipt product had many moving parts…

Who is this for?

Our iPaaS is built with features for all the steps you will encounter when scaling your Merchant Financing App.

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Sales & Marketing

  • Close more Merchants in your Sales Pipeline and stop loosing sales because of missing eCommerce Integrations.
  • Start generating leads from channels Merchants are using to look for eCommerce Solutions like App Stores.
  • Reduce Sales Cycle and Churn by providing dedicated eCommerce Integrations and Value-Added Services..
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Product & Management

  • Create best-in-class onboarding flow for Merchants across Commerce Systems.
  • Provide Merchants with the Features they want, whether it is in your existing application or in Storefronts or Store Backends.
  • Create Visibility across your Organization, Sales & Marketing Pipelines, while using your IT resources on more strategic value-adding tasks.
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  • Launch integrations without the research, coordination, coding from scratch, data mapping, maintenance and endless support to merchants, sales and marketing teams. 
  • Focus your valuable time and skills on building value generating core product features that excite you instead of integrations with legacy systems.
  • Give Sales & Marketing control of integrations so they can go do their job, while you can focus more on coding and less on handholding.


How Merchant Financing companies use the Itembase Commerce iPaaS.

Launch eCommerce Apps and Integrations without developers

Design, build and launch integrations and apps for all the platforms your merchants use. No or Low IT resources needed.

Launch in hundreds of platforms without having to build for every platform.
Use all available data to build and power your app.
Compatible with your application and platform features like Check-Out, Admin or Store Front integration.
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Turn integrations into a distribution channel

Publish your eCommerce Apps and Integrations on hundreds of channels to reach merchants and generate more leads and brand recognition.

App Stores, Partner Programs and Strategic Partnerships
Targeted and Personalized Marketing Channels
Sales Funnels and Materials

Onboard and Nurture Merchants at Scale

Leverage best-in-class onboarding flows and a whole ecosystem to onboard merchants and grow usage of your application.

Onboarding flows that convert merchants
Data-Driven Nurturing and Usage Growth
Ecosystem with Apps, Rewards and Loyalty
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Everything you need to create a succesfull eCommerce Connectivity and App Strategy for your Merchant Financing Solution

Largest Connector Library (700+)

The Itembase Connector Library spans Commerce Systems from Webshops and Marketplaces to Mobile Stores, ERP, WMS, POS and other systems that hold order data.• Implement market-driven pricing and promotion strategies• Minimize out-of-stock categories and align merchandize levels to sales targets

Fully bi-directional data access and normalization

Access all data available in each Commerce System, write back the data you need and benefit from our industry-leading normalized data payloads to simplify data handling across all systems. Pick our Webhook or Dedicated APIs to access and write the data.

Store Frontend and Admin Compatibility

Enable integrations and data in your application or enrich the experience of merchants and consumers on the Commerce Systen with Product Page, Storefront, Check-Out, Basket, Store Admin and other Commerce System specific pages.

Simple Merchant Onboarding Flows

Allows merchants to find and onboard your service in the smoothest way on each Commerce System. Increases conversion rates by 20% to 500%.• Create promotional campaigns that are aligned with customer buying behaviors and seasonal trends•Improve relationship with consumers through sentiment analysis• Design profitable up-sell and cross-sell offers by analyzing the success of past offers• Identify and address under-performing channels

Compatible with 1000+ Channels

Use your Apps & Integrations on App Stores, Partnership Websites, Email Campaigns, Google, YouTube and many other channels to reach and convert more merchants.

Compatible with 1000+ Channels

Leverage our Growth Tools like Market Insights, Connector Directory, Smart App Stores, Sales Booster and more to reach and convert more merchants.• Connect with new customers across the globe

Need to take full advantage of eCommerce Integrations?

Our iPaaS is build with all the features you will encounter when scaling your eCommerce app.