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Nurturing and Building an Ecosystem around your Magento App and Integration.

Introduction In today’s rapidly evolving eCommerce landscape, businesses are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition and deliver a superior customer experience. For many businesses, this means leveraging Magento, one of the leading eCommerce platforms on the market today. However, simply having a Magento app or integration is not enough to ensure…

An App Store for Super Apps

An App Store for Super Apps

The pandemic saw ten years of merchant technology adoption in three months. That has cooled a bit but there is really no going back. If you work in eCommerce, whether it be B2B or B2C, you know this statement is true. A key driver of BigCommerce’s scaling initiative is the “super app” trend, where payment…

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An Integration Journey

After watching 100s of companies launch eCommerce Integrations and App, a pattern started to emerge. Most companies went through the same phases and many did the same mistakes or faced the same problems throughout their journey. Understand your Target Market Identify your target market and conduct market research to understand their needs and preferences. This…

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The Ever-Growing Importance of eCommerce Connectivity

Expanding to multi-channel sales is critical in eCommerce. Selling across different platforms results in as much as 3X the engagement as selling on a single channel. Multi-channel sales rely on synchronized data so it requires each eCommerce platform to communicate with each other in as close to real time as possible. Check out this Anchor…

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Essential B2B SaaS KPIs to Follow

I thought I’d share this Popupsmart blog article on 3 essential B2B SaaS KPIs to follow. For most SaaS products and services, their most significant expense is the cost of acquiring a new customer. An excellent way to reduce this expense is by channeling resources and efforts into acquisition channels with the highest return. At…

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5 Customer Acquisition Channels for B2B Apps

Check out this concise article on the Shoffi blog on five principal customer acquisition channels for B2B apps. As I mentioned on previous emails, the B2B SaaS market is getting more and more sophisticated and it’s not getting any easier out there. More and more apps are competing every day to attract the most traffic.…

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Winning in the B2B SaaS Market

The B2B SaaS market is getting more sophisticated every day. A focus on intuitive, consistent and one-click experiences in UX design has substantially altered what users now expect from their software and has conditioned SaaS buyers in the enterprise to expect a slick, consumer-grade experience. Here is a short Forbes article that recently got my…

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Hurricane Commerce, Enhances its Cross-Border Data Solutions with Itembase Connectivity

Hurricane’s Aura solution providing its landed cost engine, prohibited and restricted goods screening and denied parties screening and its Zephyr data enhancement tool are available to customers globally via the Itembase platform.

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A Guide on Targeting B2B Customers

There are hundreds of eCommerce platforms out there and more are coming online every month. Supporting multiple platforms is a major challenge, even though each new integration provides new marketing channels that can be leveraged for increased awareness. Understanding the nature of each platform and how you can position yourself for maximum exposure is extremely…

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B2B SaaS Marketplaces Opportunities

I recommend quickly checking out this Rocket Gems blog article highlighting 68 B2B SaaS Marketplaces Opportunities by category. The list is extensive but by no means complete as there are hundreds more marketplace opportunities out there. The list ranges from more fully featured marketplaces that have advanced features, to more basic “integration directories.” These platforms…

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