Promote your SaaS to Prospective Customers via 20 Top SaaS App Marketplaces

saas app marketplace

SaaS App Marketplaces present huge opportunities as an acquisition channel.

This is because your prospective customers are already using these established SaaS platforms making it easier to get found by your ideal customer. You can also tap into getting more business by association. Since some processes are built around certain products (eg. Shopify), certain businesses will only be interested in other software that integrates into the Shopify platform. By being integrated with these platforms and being discoverable in their marketplaces you are far more likely to be chosen by these businesses over your competitors who are not integrated. Check out this myPresences blog article on 20 top SaaS App Stores & Marketplaces and their top reasons of why to list on these platforms. 

At Itembase, we create, launch and grow successful eCommerce Apps (IT included). Our integrations via eCommerce Apps are made for sales and marketing allowing our customers to reach, convert and onboard merchants across 500+ Commerce Systems and enabling their IT teams to focus on their most important work.

If you’re interested in unlocking the potential app marketplaces have as an high performing acquisition channel, reply and let’s connect further.

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