B2B Growth Channels

16 Powerful B2B SaaS Growth Channels

By Marketing / May 8, 2023 /

B2B Growth Channels are essential to expand your reach and get your target audience to pay attention to you. Some of these are direct channels such as and some are indirect. Integrations and APIs with other market-dominant players can help you with your own growth. Even if your core product would not require integrations to…

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B2B SaaS Marketing Channels

A Deep Dive into SaaS Distribution Models

By Marketing / April 6, 2023 / Comments Off on A Deep Dive into SaaS Distribution Models

There are a few commonly used SaaS Marketing Channels including inbound and outbound sales forces, eCommerce self-service, and third-party app stores. There is no distribution channel that’s ideal for all SaaS companies under all conditions. Instead of thinking about a best distribution channel, it’s useful to think of marketing channel selection as a “best fit”…

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B2B SaaS Market Win

Winning in the B2B SaaS Market

By Itembase / September 19, 2022 / Comments Off on Winning in the B2B SaaS Market

The B2B SaaS market is getting more sophisticated every day. A focus on intuitive, consistent and one-click experiences in UX design has substantially altered what users now expect from their software and has conditioned SaaS buyers in the enterprise to expect a slick, consumer-grade experience. Here is a short article that recently got our attention…

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Targeting B2B Customers Guide

A Guide on Targeting B2B Customers

By Itembase / September 5, 2022 / Comments Off on A Guide on Targeting B2B Customers

There are hundreds of eCommerce platforms out there and more are coming online every month. Targeting B2B customers and supporting multiple platforms is a major challenge, even though each new integration provides new marketing channels that can be leveraged for increased awareness. Understanding the nature of each platform and how you can position yourself for…

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B2B SaaS Marketplace Opportunities

B2B SaaS Marketplaces Opportunities

By Itembase / August 22, 2022 / Comments Off on B2B SaaS Marketplaces Opportunities

Check out this blog article highlighting 68 B2B SaaS Marketplaces Opportunities by category. The list is extensive but by no means complete as there are hundreds more marketplace opportunities out there. The list ranges from more fully featured marketplaces that have advanced features, to more basic “integration directories.” These platforms generally make it easier to…

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B2B App Stores & Marketplaces

B2B App Stores & Marketplaces: A Viable Growth Channel

By Itembase / August 8, 2022 / Comments Off on B2B App Stores & Marketplaces: A Viable Growth Channel

B2B App Stores & Marketplaces are viable growth channels. They offer users value without requiring costly in-house product development. Integrations nowadays are a must. Recent data shows that products with 4+ integrations have up to 30% higher retention than products with no integrations. Check out this quick Reforge blog article on why 70% of the…

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