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Data integration is the technological centerpiece of the new, connected digital economy. Executives all over the world are tackling the problem of automating many manual processes and streamlining efficiencies through eCommerce integration as this greatly enhances an organization's chance of success.

B2B Growth Channels

Market Leaders and High Growth Startups have used the Itembase iPaaS to onboard over 300,000 Merchants to their Apps.

Data connectivity is key

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10X Quicker Launch

Launch across all App Stores and Commerce Systems in weeks instead of years.

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Merchant Growth

Companies using the Itembase iPaaS experience up to 42% Merchant Growth

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Increased Retention

Up to 76% Increase in Merchant Retention

Everything you need to Launch and Scale your App across hundreds of eCommerce Platforms.

Our iPaaS is build with all the features you will encounter when scaling your eCommerce app.

Outdated distribution models

The future is now

Many businesses are operating on an outdated distribution model. Traditional distribution models aren't always the best way to go for eCommerce businesses; they need a flexible model with seamless technological integration. Integration is important — it helps manage inventories accurately, ensuring high operational efficiency.

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Going digital

Companies that want to excel are forced to go digital today. Digital isn't just about selling online — it's about having more data, selling smarter, and operating a multi-channel retail hub.

Ineffective gathering and leveraging of customer data

Many organizations today have a myriad of siloed systems containing various scraps of data about customer interactions, but no clear way to pull them together. Others have petabytes of data, however, they haven't figured out what to do with all that data in a manner that provides value to the customer.

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Big data integration at your fingertips

Organizations have yet to realize their potential to uncover valuable business insights. Pockets of data, buried in the enterprise, go unexplored due to the complexity of connecting large amounts of structured and unstructured data. Itembase empowers enterprises to make informed decisions by visualizing large volumes of data and uncovering trends, patterns, and behavior.

Democratized enterprise data lake

When data is democratized, professionals across the enterprise are empowered to make more informed business decisions. Accelerate the development of your enterprise's modern data lake, break down silos, and power your team to unearth new data. Effortlessly deliver large data sets to and from data lakes. Increase productivity by eliminating cumbersome manual tasks of adding information and transforming data.

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs)

Benefit from personalized communications, products, and services, as well as shopping experiences through integrated interaction with customers. This leads to spectacular results in sales, customer retention, and brand loyalty.

Chief Information Officers (CIOs)

Benefit from system-wide integrations improving business processes across the organization and a culture of innovation where opportunity is embraced rather than risks emphasized.

A data lake for all data types

Itembase intelligent connectors harness data from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources, enterprise applications, and APIs. We help make sure your Data lake doesn't become a Data swamp.

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)

Profit from increased cost predictability and more measurable business cases of IT projects. The easy access to data also provides more insight and control over assets and costs.

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)

The greatest opportunity lies in automation and standardization of admin processes and the empowerment of employees.


Market Leaders and High Growth Startups have used the Itembase iPaaS to onboard over 300,000 Merchants to their Apps.

Our Customers

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Itembase Case Study - $200,000,000+ in New Pipeline from eCommerce Apps

$200,000,000+ in New Pipeline from eCommerce Apps in 36 Months

Challenge & Goal The eCommerce transition had led to increased requests for core logistics services along pick-up point integrations and the Company decided it needed to provide pre-built integrations to enable prospect inflows to convert into customers quicker. After running an RFP, the Company chose an outsourcing provider to develop the integrations to ensure internal…

Itembase Case Study - From $0 to $1.5m in Revenue with Integrations in 4 Months

From $0 to $1.5m in Revenue with Integrations in 4 Months

The Challenge & Goal Retailers had traditionally been integrated by placing the burden of work on them, but as more and more retailers were going through the digital transition, they were no longer willing or didn’t have the resources to spend the time & resources anymore. The Client was looking for a way to solve…

Itembase Case Study - From 50-11,000 Merchants in 12 Months with eCommerce Apps

From 50-11,000 Merchants in 12 Months with eCommerce Apps

Challenge and Goal The Company was venture financed and had clear milestones for future fundraising rounds which were of top priority. Furthermore, they had to grow overall market adoption to a certain level that would enable them to move upmarket to larger clients, resellers and channels partners. The digital receipt product had many moving parts…

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