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Merchants Worldwide

  • Consumer Reach 42%
  • Consumers Connected 3%

eConsumers Worldwide

  • Merchant Reach 75%
  • Merchants Connected 4%

Industry Vertical Leaders who joined the Journey

Catching up with Amazon…

…is a goal for many of our Customers. Amazon is dominating eCommerce and setting new standards in many areas. eCommerce Solution and Service providers are oftentimes affected by Amazon one way or the other. Some positive, some negative. Important for all of them is to help their Merchants grow and operate more efficiently. We therefore help the Merchants of our Customers become more competitive.

The graph shows the difference in Amazon CAGR vs. eCommerce Market Average CAGR over the last 20 years.

Life at Itembase

This video is 5 years old. This is how we got started. We’ve grown. We’ve partnered with world-class brands. We’ve served clients worldwide. Yet, our spirit is the same. We conquer. We wear a Viking helmet onstage. In New York. In Klein Machnow, Germany. At IRCE in Chicago. At the Storeden meetup in Rimini. That’s how we stand out. That’s why we’ve been too busy to update the video. Life goes on. Come experience life at Itembase.









What We Believe

Itembase’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable consumption. Sustainable consumption allows everyone to enjoy and appreciate the special things in life without pollution, planned obsolescence and fast fashion, but by appreciating things that have been created to last and that can be kept new forever.

We’re conquering the world of commerce Viking style. Being a modern day Viking means:

  1.     We start with the goal in mind.
  2.     We don’t 100% know where the goal is right now, since that place doesn’t exist today.
  3.     We don’t know 100% how to get there, but we know that we will get there.
  4.     We don’t know 100% what we will find there, but we know that we will use what we find to make something that creates a better world.
  5.     We take 100% responsibility.
  6.     We speak our minds, but fight side-by-side regardless of personal disagreements.
  7.     To achieve that we realize that teamwork starts with you.
  8.     We act like our vision has come true.
  9.     We think less and do more.
  10.  We believe speed trumps being right.
  11.  We see opportunity first and solve the problems on the way. We don’t see the problems first and wait for the opportunity to be presented to us.
  12.  We ask “Why not?”, instead of “Why?”
  13.  We don’t fear losing. We use numbers and see “losing” with numbers as a win.
  14.  We have no ego, we decide by numbers and logic.
  15.  We have no ego, because self-confidence is not a zero-sum game, hence no competition.
  16.  When we do something, we always identify the core (or multiple cores) and make sure the initial result is compatible with the core, goal and vision of the company.
  17.  We believe change is all in our mind and can happen with the flip of a switch. You just need to find the switch and dare to flip it.
  18.  We want to grow and realize that in order to become who we’re supposed to be in 5 years, 90% of the things we do today can be described as stupid and wrong. We have to do them anyway to get through it and be open to feedback.
  19.  We see one of the company’s core duties towards employees as developing them towards their career and personal goals.
  20.  In order for this to be possible, every employee needs to have clear goals for his own life.
  21.  If an employee’s goals don’t align with the company, the company doesn’t deserve the employees’ work anymore. We see our greatest duty as enabling employees to identify when that time has come and since each employee is the best person in the world to assess this we believe that an employee should be properly aware of his own goals and know when the time has come before a manager, which means no one should ever be fired. Therefore we pay every person that quits $1,000 for quitting. In case someone is fired we believe the employee didn’t have clear goals or was aware of them.

You want to Conquer Life!

In the past 5 years, we went from 12m eMerchants to 25m. Today 1.6 billion consumers are shopping online vs. 1 billion in 2013. Every 2 weeks another commerce system is launched to help keep up with the need for modern transaction systems. This adds to the 500+ systems that already exist, online alone. That’s an increase in touch points that customers want automated of 4,000 in just 5 years.

The Itembase DataConnect API platform connects all the system together resulting in a seamless commerce experience.

Just do it.

eCommerce Training

Merchant Insights

Learn about the KPIs that are relevant when operating an online store and gain valuable Market Statistics about eCommerce Merchants.

Merchant Consulting

Consult Merchants on the best Solution and Services to operate and grow their business. You will gain a lot of insights of the daily life of an online merchant.

Partner and Technical Consulting

Understand how eCommerce Suppliers from all categories work and learn about the Technical capabilities needed in eCommerce. By working with Solution and Service Providers to eCommerce Merchants you will gain a different view on the market.

Itembase Valhalla Club

Vikings who fell on the battlefield went to Valhalla, where they would fight and feast with the Gods all day. Like real Vikings, we cherish the team members who fell on the battlefield. Valhalla is the name for the Itembase Alumni Association.
Enter Valhalla


The interviews are an important part of our recruiting process as they enable us to get to know our future employees and colleagues. We learn about your professional and private outlook and experiences. This way we can also find out whether you will fit into our Viking team and enrich our company.

Not only do we attach great importance to finding employees with appropriate professional experience, but we are also looking for new Vikings who share our spirit and mentality. Because a Viking ship is not like on the calm sea, it can occasionally get quite stormy or individual fights must be fought out. In such situations, we need a suitable team where everyone holds together and pulls together. The interviews are therefore an indispensable aspect of the search for a suitable Viking team member.

How does the interview process work?

Our normal recruitment process involves several steps. After we have received your application and you have peaked our interest, we’ll invite you to the first one-way interview by asking you 10 questions about your personality and opinions. After you have overcome this hurdle we will invite you to a second one-way interview, which contains 5 questions. If we still feel that you are a good match for us, we will invite you to a personal interview with your future supervisor. Finally, we will have a team interview before we welcome you as our newest Viking on the team.

What if the position I want is not open?

If your desired position is not advertised, please send us your unsolicited application with details of your desired position, your previous professional experience and your CV to the following email address:

What locations can I work from?

We are mainly looking for employees who support us at our San Francisco, California or Berlin, Kreuzberg locations and work together with our Viking team in our offices. However, we also have remote work possibilities.

The interview offers you the opportunity to tell us YOUR story and to convince us of you and your abilities.
We are looking for interesting personalities who go straight forward and work with us on the great goal of conquering the eCommerce world.
In addition to the aspects of punctuality and reliability, which we take for granted, we pay particular attention to the interpersonal level and how you present yourself to us during the interview. Your professional qualifications play a minor role in the interview.
So you have the opportunity to convince us that you belong to our Viking team and not only have technical skills, but are also ready to grow beyond you, go new ways and always like to leave your comfort zone.
We are looking for employees with a story, but the story may deviate from the norm if it is unique and precisely describes you.


HR Manager

In the interview it is especially important for us to experience future employees who are ready to experience and learn new superpositive ways of thinking. We are looking for applicants who become mature and self-confident through Itembase, especially with regard to what and how they decide and how they behave. They should be willing to get out of their comfort zone by supporting Itembase and grow beyond their limits to become an intellectual and experienced Viking.
Our motto is thinking less, doing more – and we are looking for employees who share this motto.



From streetfighters to cunning strategists: Everyone is welcome who enjoys breaking common rules and developing their own new way of thinking in a team at eye level. We don’t care about your education. We love highly motivated people who use high pressure as a source of creativity. Resilience, speed, positive aggressiveness, endurance, mental fitness and the ability to work in a team. The desire to overcome comfort zones every day anew. Courage to make mistakes and courage to go all in. We offer a steep career path. From basic training in cold acquisition, through comprehensive e-commerce consulting for our shopping partners to strategic positions in business development. If you think these attributes fit to your personality, we love to welcome you to our team!


Business Development - DACH

Don’t be Shy

Take a look at our open positions or just schedule an interview and find out if our Viking culture is a fit for you.