How to Leverage Customer Onboarding as a Competitive Advantage

We place a lot of attention in the optimization of eCommerce merchant onboarding for our customers, so we thought this ITWeb article on Customer Onboarding in the B2B Space would be helpful to lay out some important benefits of leveraging connectivity to improving your onboarding processes.

The article highlights several advantages of optimizing the onboarding process such as:

  • Increased Revenue
  • Lower Cost
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Reduced Risk of Errors.

As an example: Since it is now much easier for competitors to match each other’s service offerings, a key differentiator is the onboarding experience offered, as well as the accuracy, speed and amount of effort required.

Conversely, the longer the onboarding takes, the greater the risk that the customer could lose interest or the deal could be cancelled altogether turning poor onboarding into a competitive disadvantage.Read Full Article

If you’d like to further understand the value that commerce connectivity can provide to your organization in terms of customer onboarding, especially when you have customers using different commerce platforms, simply reach out so we can showcase the top performing tactics to efficient customer onboarding.

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