The Role of Connectivity in Building Better Experiences

API connectivity powers various collaborations between service providers, vendors and eCommerce platforms. This Commerce Connectivity is key to driving automation and scaling productivity.

The eCommerce experience requires at least 25 APIs to integrate marketing, ad management, omni-channel experiences, inventory management, shopping, payment and logistics operations that will deliver and communicate with customers (fulfilment, shipping, returns processing etc). The number of APIs may be 50+ to track customer browsing habits, newsletters, drip campaigns, sales tax calculations, fraud detection, cloud hosting, and many other operational requirements in supporting online commerce.

With various in-house and external API integrations required, having a complete view of your eCommerce operations is not easy.

Check out this Global Banking & Finance Review® article on how automation and commerce connectivity can be used to drive operational efficiency, improve business processes and build new customer experiences rapidly.

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