The Biggest Challenge to Digital Transformation

I recommend checking out this quick (although heavily ad-supported) ITProPortal article on the biggest challenge to digital transformation. The numbers from a recent poll of 800 CIOs and IT decision-makers (which match our own research) are sobering.

Custom integrations cost large enterprises an average of $3.5 million in annual labor. An organization will use an average of 843 applications, with less than 1?3 (29 percent) being integrated. Less than 1?5 (18 percent) of organizations have integrated end-user experiences across the omni-channel, with almost half (48 percent) suggesting this was difficult to accomplish.

What about the organizations that have succeeded in this critical factor of digital transformation? They report massive efficiency gains, increased revenue, increased customer engagement and more innovation across the board.

The reality facing B2B organizations is that with data residing across several different platforms and formats, data integration is the necessary first step before companies are ready to reap the benefits. Let’s connect further if you’d like to explore how commerce connectivity can impact your organization’s growth trajectory.

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