The Business Cost of Issues with Commerce Connectivity

We recommend taking a look at this FreightWaves article on a recent survey from Internet of Things management solutions company SOTI found that integration problems between legacy systems and the modern systems needed to meet current demands are costing Transport & Logistics companies up to two days of work per employee per month.

The survey finds the most common issues were:

Lack of updated information across all systems
Staff having to update multiple systems manually
Legacy tech is not fully integrated with new systems
Information is not shared across all systems used

The survey concludes that there is a clear disconnect from the technology that T&L companies recognize they need to the seamless adoption into their existing infrastructure.

At Itembase, we are supporting customers from the logistic space to understand commerce connectivity which they use for their decisions before spending hundreds of thousand in integrating into any market. With an integrated commerce connectivity platform such as the Itembase iPaaS, Transport & Logistics companies are not only able to increase speed but also minimize costs and ensure transparency in the delivery channel. If you’d like to drive deeper connectivity and automation through API-driven services at your organization, let’s connect further.

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