If You Can’t Onboard Your Merchants in Minutes, Your Competitors Can

We liked the title of this Provenir blog article so much that we’ve used it as the title of this article.

We think it summarizes an all-important point about merchant onboarding for eCommerce SaaS providers. Even though eCommerce merchant onboarding is nowhere near as complex as in the Payments industry (which the article focuses on), it makes a great point about using integrations (Commerce Connectivity), to meet merchant demands for fast onboarding.

Merchants now expect an immediate response, demanding the ability to sign up, be approved and integrated in a few minutes just like end consumers. As merchant services become more of a commodity, speedy, client-focused onboarding has become a strategic differentiator.

Turning merchant onboarding into a business differentiator often requires going where the clients are. Today, they are everywhere, using the Web, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices to do business. Serving eCommerce merchants means SaaS providers must take advantage of commerce connectivity to offer the level of onboarding service their customers expect.

Specifically for eCommerce SaaS software and service solution providers, a connectivity-led onboarding process adds tremendous value and is a valuable selling point, offering a unique opportunity to showcase their value to clients. Using technologies that focus on reducing the complexity of the process, enable rapid, highly accurate decisions and support both the eCommerce and physical store merchants, providers can successfully balance the demand for fast-even instant-onboarding with the need to reduce business risk and control costs.

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