How B2B Automation Transforms an eCommerce Business

Automation from Vamtam

We share this article to highlight some important ways that B2B automation, achieved through Commerce Connectivity, transform an eCommerce business. Specifically, we’d like to highlight one of the top reasons our customers cite when referring to the biggest wins they saw when optimizing their connectivity: Focusing on What Matters.

We’ve mentioned on a previous article (and it’s an example we clearly lay out for our customers), how many companies fall into the “build their own connectivity” trap. Many of our customers found out the hard way why, in most cases, it makes sense to work with a partner for commerce connectivity.

Read Full Article Reduce Errors 79% Eliminate Workflow Friction 85% Focusing on What Matters 92%

Biggest wins from customers when optimizing their connectivity.

If your organization is already assessing (or even already building up) your commerce connectivity, I’d be happy to support you in getting the right framework in place before you start spending hundreds of thousands in integrating into any market.

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