Leveraging New Sales Channels via API Connectivity

The article highlights how not only large companies can draw added value from API connectivity but how start-ups and smaller companies in particular really stand to benefit by sourcing data sets through third parties such as commerce systems and marketplaces.

This is a huge advantage for these companies, since limited time and budgets usually prohibit them from sourcing this themselves.

As the article correctly points out, any company looking to benefit from API connectivity, should not start directly with the implementation of technology but should firstly look at their business model and identify exactly where they want to develop new channels. This methodical approach ensures their strategy will deliver long-term gain and succeed in identifying new sales channels, opening up new sources of income and, in turn, shaping the future of the business. Once the business case is clear, businesses can start to tackle implementation.

At Itembase, we have developed an eCommerce Connectivity Framework that lays out all the different necessary topics that are typically considered in the implementation process from day one. The framework is presented as a clear process in the correct order so companies can have a clear strategy from the get-go. This is the best way we’ve found to really achieve growth and incite new and unique applications and value propositions.

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