Industry Case: Visibility Through Connectivity to Remain Nimble and Competitive

We’re sharing this Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE) article as it’s a fantastic example of how logistics providers are using API Connectivity to provide their customers real-time visibility into market conditions and pricing to enable them to make decisions that maintain consistency and service for their merchants.

The partnership highlighted in the article, only possible through API Connectivity, makes it easier for shippers to respond to market instability around capacity and rates in real-time by giving them more flexibility and control over their shipping operations. Through an API integration, real-time rating and instant capacity that shippers can count on is provided in a way that is fully integrated.

As we know from the success of our customers, this connectivity-led added value works across multiple industry verticals. Being able to provide a solution that brings a single, streamlined user experience to clients on a service they already use is an enormous value-add that increases an application or service’s usage and and reduces customer churn.

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If you’d like to further understand the value that API-led commerce connectivity can provide to your organization in terms of adding value to your core services, our team will create a custom business case for your organization that will showcase the impact of different strategies.

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