Growth Strategy: B2B App Stores & Marketplaces

I recommend checking out this insightful article on the benefits of selling via B2B App Stores & Marketplaces. In the author’s words: “Achieving more sales is the most obvious benefit of any new sales channel but the benefits of selling via B2B App Stores & Marketplaces extend way beyond sales. To use one word to describe the overriding benefit of distributing through App Stores & Marketplaces, it would be SCALE.”

Whether it’s streamlining your customer’s experience, allowing your team to focus on your core product or simply being visible to your target audience while benefiting from the trust and simplicity of the platform they are already transacting on, B2B App Stores & Marketplaces are a highly successful growth channel that should not be overlooked.

Itembase powers multiple commerce connectivity B2B use cases; from the largest enterprises to the smallest merchants. As your business partner, Itembase supports you in succeeding with your acquisition strategy on multiple high growth channels.

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