From 50-11,000 Merchants in 12 Months with eCommerce Apps

Itembase Case Study - From 50-11,000 Merchants in 12 Months with eCommerce Apps

Challenge and Goal

The Company was venture financed and had clear milestones for future fundraising rounds which were of top priority. Furthermore, they had to grow overall market adoption to a certain level that would enable them to move upmarket to larger clients, resellers and channels partners.

The digital receipt product had many moving parts given the multi-sided value proposition where merchants, consumers, POS systems and 3rd-party providers all needed consideration. The Company’s resources were spread thin in feature and material development for all its different target groups. The IT department was especially overwhelmed because each target group needed increasingly expanding and successfully scalable technical functionality. Additionally, it had to be built to allow sales & marketing people to properly use it.

Client Background

The Company provides a digital receipt service for eCommerce merchants. The digital receipt solution digitalizes the typical invoicing process and enables buyers to access digital receipts in cloud storage and mobile apps, while being able to connect to other relevant value-added solutions like accounting tools.

About Itembase

Itembase is a leading technology company in the digital commerce industry. Its global transaction processing Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) connects Application Providers to Brands, Merchants and Consumers on the Commerce Systems they transact on. Financial Institutions, Logistic Providers, Insurance, Accounting & Tax, Marketing and other Service and Technology Providers that provide Applications enable Brands, Merchants and Consumers through Itembase connectivity to reduce cost and increase transactions, making the commerce experience easier, more sustainable and efficient.

The Solution

The Company decided to implement the Itembase iPaaS both for merchant integration and digital receipt extraction through email connectors and the corresponding information extraction modules. Combined with the Itembase Connector Directory, the Company was able to implement a simplified and scalable process for the merchant sales team, allowing them to sell to merchants using any commerce system and activating integrations when needed.

The Company leveraged the Itembase suite of Sales & Marketing solutions. The integration of digital receipt data directly into their sales process allowed the traction with consumers to feed the merchant sales side, thereby increasing their sales team’s merchant conversion rates substantially.

The Result

With the Itembase iPaaS solution used to leverage both its POS integration along with email integration and information extraction modules the Company was able to:

  • Outperform its investor milestones by generating over 11,000 merchants within 12 months.
  • Raise a subsequent growth funding round.
  • Reach critical mass to launch a channel partner and enterprise sales strategy following the growth funding round.

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