From $0 to $1.5m in Revenue with Integrations in 4 Months

Itembase Case Study - From $0 to $1.5m in Revenue with Integrations in 4 Months

The Challenge & Goal

Retailers had traditionally been integrated by placing the burden of work on them, but as more and more retailers were going through the digital transition, they were no longer willing or didn’t have the resources to spend the time & resources anymore. The Client was looking for a way to solve the integration challenge for its retailers and shift the burden of integration to themselves as a value-added service for their customers.

Client Background

The Client was operates a Logistics Service for Retailers and provides a range of cost-effective and convenient global logistics services for domestic and cross border shipments.

About Itembase

Itembase is a leading technology company in the digital commerce industry. Its global transaction processing Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) connects Application Providers to Brands, Merchants and Consumers on the Commerce Systems they transact on. Financial Institutions, Logistic Providers, Insurance, Accounting & Tax, Marketing and other Service and Technology Providers that provide Applications enable Brands, Merchants and Consumers through Itembase connectivity to reduce cost and increase transactions, making the commerce experience easier, more sustainable and efficient.

The Solution

After evaluating the internal cost including the overhead, sunk refactoring cost and opportunity cost of developers that would have to learn all the nitty gritty details of eCommerce integration from scratch, the Client decided to use the Itembase iPaaS platform to launch relevant integrations based on merchant requests. Itembase provided the Client with an SLA for Connector Onboarding that suited the needs of the merchants and helped establish a Merchant Onboarding process in the Client’s Sales & IT departments. Since the Client has special niche merchants it was important that Itembase could launch niche Commerce Connectors with the same speed as popular existing connectors. The project started in July as it was time critical to have processes established well ahead of holiday season to make the most of the integrations.

The Result

Within four months, the Client went from $0 in Shipping Revenue to $1.5m via the commerce connectors enabled via Itembase. By providing merchants a quick and easy way to connect to its apps and services, using a ‘no-code’ configuration, the Client delivered self-service connectivity directly into their platform, shifting the burden of integration away from its merchants, improving ease of use and ultimately reducing customer churn. This resulted in the maximization of lead generation and pipeline management to shorten sales cycles, close more deals and increase revenue, all while delivering exceptional customer service.

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