B2B App Marketplaces as Growth Opportunities

We recommend checking out this simple guide on B2B App Marketplaces, including a simple definition of what they are, examples, and why you should consider it a business growth opportunity plus even some tips on for a successful start as B2B App Marketplace vendor.

Here’s a quick bullet summary of some of the top advantages:

• Access Global Markets
• Leverage the B2B Marketplace Ecosystem
• Shorten Sales Cycles
• Manage Profitability
• Quicker Go-To-Market

We’re living the eCommerce growth age, where it’s possible to use marketplaces as the existing sales channels to push your products forward. Itembase is already powering commerce connectivity use cases for the largest enterprises and the smallest merchants. UPS uses Itembase to power their commerce plug-ins to offer their merchants an easy way of integrating a wide range of UPS delivery services. Visa and Mastercard leverage Itembase technology to onboard merchants and access detailed, Level III merchant transaction data.

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