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Valhalla Nights Berlin

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Valhalla Nights Berlin

February 11, 2020

The ultimate goal of Vikings was to die in battle. Dying in battle meant going to the Hall of Odin, Valhalla, to feast with the Gods, while sharing battle stories, for eternity.

Imagine the excitement! The stories and the learnings!

Valhalla Nights were inspired by this fearless approach to life and the inspiring stories that must have echoed through the Hall of Odin.

Remember the last time you were inspired by such stories? Stories that made you feel that the problems and battles you were fighting were suddenly simpler and solvable. Simply motivating!

We want to bring together modern-day Vikings for this exclusive dinner experience. People who haven’t held back because they feared failing, but instead simply power ahead and do what is needed. People who inspiringly share their battle stories to empower others.

Battling difficult goals against all odds while maintaining a global footprint is hard. We believe sharing battle stories relieves the pressure on the individual and heightens the overall strength of the group. This is because it removes the doubts around questions and thoughts like “Why am I doing this?”, “Does this even have a solution?” “I’m all alone.”

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