We offer multiple ways of powerful Onboarding Methods to get you started with DataConnect.

The unified API Platform for
unlimited eCommerce Connectivity

Profile Approval Process

Itembase works with Industry Leading eCommerce Platforms and Companies which in many cases require pre-approval of Companies and Applications. Your Company and Application Profile must therefore be approved for eligibility before onboarding to DataConnect is possible.

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API Onboarding

Onboarding on the DataConnect Platform can be done manually or per API Integration. 

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API Onboarding Alternatives

1 QuickStart App

Our QuickStart App allows you to get started in minutes instead of hours and will automatically unpack itself on your server and the data will start to flow.

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2 Webhooks

Setup an endpoint that will receive all data whenever it is available. No need to request our API all the time. With our Webhooks data will flow automatically into your endpoint of choice.

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3 Custom API

Get a Custom API on DataConnect that you can request whenever you like. Custom APIs include historic data storage and native access to any datapoint a System has available.

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