Merchant Onboarding

Merchants Onboard and Engage with Your Business

Turn Merchant Onboarding into a
Competitive Advantage

Obtaining new Merchants is costly and time consuming. Provide them a great first impression of your business from the first time you connect with them. Itembase’s Merchant Onboarding capabilities ensure a smooth and easy process to get your business connected.


Launch Faster

Our Customers have found that Merchants are Onboarded in 1/3 the time of custom, in-house developed integrations.

Increased Conversion Rate

Itembase provides simplified Onboarding which leads to less abandoned Merchant Onboarding, which results in 23% more connected Merchants vs. in-house, custom developed integrations.

Merchant Growth

Our Connectors leading to Merchants are more reliable which has led to fewer Merchant terminations.  Our successful customers estimate on average a 42% improvement in long-term Merchant revenues when compared to results with an in-house, custom developed integration.

Merchant Onboarding Flow

Our team of Merchant Onboarding Managers use the knowledge and insights from 600 Customer go-lives and 100’s of Marketplace and Commerce System connections to bring your Merchants the best possible experience. Every System has its unique architecture, data schemes, API’s, etc. and the Itembase team along with Itembase DataConnect makes Merchant Access and Onboarding a selling point for your business.

Merchant Onboarding Options

Itembase offers several Merchant Onboarding techniques to stay in the background as a technology enabler and utilizes your branding to connect you to your Merchants.

Buttons on Your Website

Itembase places a branded button on your website through a code snippet where Merchants can connect.

Email Invite

Invite your Merchants to connect to you through a URL link.

Listed on App Stores

List your Business on the App Store of each Platform with your branding.

Place “Buttons” on your public website or in your Merchant Login Area to allow Merchants to simply connect your Application to your Platforms.

Just like you build landingpages for your marketing campaigns you can use DataConnect to create Merchant Conversion Pages. Conversion Pages help you rank on Google for the different platforms, it serves as good page to explain integration for Merchants who have already bought your Application or they allow your Sales Reps to close a deal quicker by allowing simple integration as part of the Sales Process.

Gain reach, brand recognition and SEO Ranking by listing your Application on the App Stores, Solution Directories and Marketplaces of the different Platforms you connect to.

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