Merchant Acquisition Tactics
Itembase Event Series

The Funnel that converted 10,000 Merchants in 12 Month

Providing Services and Solution for the Retail&eCommerce Space means that Acquiring Merchant Customers are a core part of your Business. We’re hosting an Digital Event Series that helps Companies get insights into the best practices, case studies, channels and tactics to Acquire Merchants. How many Channels are you selling on? Should you be selling on more, but haven’t figured out how to scale the your integrations? What are the best channels for your service, solution or application? Join and hear real life experiences from the Experts and other Attendees. At these Events we will discuss a concrete Case Study and then go into details with the concrete tactics that were implemented. Thereafter we will open the floor for Questions to ensure you get all your questions answered.

  • Start: 11am EST
  •  Tactic 2 Explained: 3 Minutes
  •  Intro: 2 Minutes
  • Tactic 3 Explained: 3 Minutes
  •  Case Study: 8 Minutes
  • Q&A: 10 Minutes
  • Tactic 1 Explained: 3 Minutes
  •  Outro: 2 Minutes

Selected Previous Speakers


Felix Huber


Hagen Meischner

Channel Advisor

Felix Kuehl


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