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Leverage Item-Level Merchant Data

Consumers Want Access to Purchase Detail

Itembase has the only complete solution to tie Item-Level purchase detail to banking statements, mobile applications and value creation opportunities. Today, the only information available to a Consumer regarding their on-line purchase detail is the Transaction Date, Merchant Name and Amount. This lacks everything needed to create value for the Merchant, the Bank/Card Issuer and the Consumer.

  • All Consumer Purchases
  • Businesses and Individuals
  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Merchant Opportunities
  • Value Creation for Everyone

Reduce Call Center Calls

Having Call Center Representatives available to answer calls from Consumers about what they purchased is expensive and doesn’t provide good customer service without having detailed data.

Increase Mobile Banking

Consumers want information at their finger-tips. Become the center of their Commerce transaction life by having all of the detail about their purchases in statements and your mobile application.

Retain Your Customers

Detailed purchase information is obviously hard to come by, consolidate and manage. Retain and grow your Consumer-base by having all of their purchase data. Consumers will never want to part with their history.


Evaluate your Consumers based on real-world purchase information vs. high-level scoring which is expensive, inaccurate and doesn’t tell the whole story. Understand more detail about your Consumer.

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