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Unified API Platform

550+ Connectors

Simple Merchant Onboarding

Data Normalization

One API for Connectivity to an
Unlimited World of Commerce

DataConnect provides a single API integration and connectivity to reach and transact with millions of Merchants through every Marketplace and Commerce System. By connecting your business once to Itembase DataConnect you can immediately access millions of Merchants and never have to worry about Commerce integration or updates again. Reduce your cost, expand your business and capture all of the Commerce transaction data in a normalized data format with DataConnect.



Connect in Minutes

DataConnect set-up time is measured in minutes and hours. Set your business up once and never have to manage Commerce integration again.

Access New Markets

As part of being an Itembase DataConnect Customer, receive recommendations and alerts on screened new Marketplaces, Commerce Systems and Merchants in requested markets.

Data Management

Itembase’s extensive Enterprise Data Management Solution takes over 550 different and incompatible worldwide data formats, languages and currencies and consolidates it into one, cleansed and harmonized data format for usability in reporting and analytics.

How DataConnect Works


DataConnect provides all the flexibility needed to enable your Solution connectivity in Commerce. Over 600 Customers in Shipping Services and Financial Services count on Itembase DataConnect every day to provide them access to existing and new Merchants and Consumers.

Connect to DataConnect Once

Set-up time is measured in minutes and hours. Once DataConnect set-up is completed you’ll never have to build Commerce integrations again.

Over 550 Connectors
are available

Don’t stop with Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Magento (the most popular ones). Get access to all of them and get your Solution connected to millions of Merchants.

Grow the Market

DataConnect will immediately make your Solution compatible with millions of Merchants and Consumers. Never miss out on opportunities again because of lack of integration.

Connect to DataConnect 1 time

Launch Connectors to over 550 Systems

Become compatible with over 11,000,000 Merchants Worldwide.

How DataConnect is Used

Businesses and Consumers just like you use the DataConnect Platform in different ways to achieve their business goals and prepare for winning in all of Commerce. See below how Businesses and Consumers use DataConnect.



The convenience of online shopping has altered customer expectations and consumers are demanding fast, low-cost shipping options with flexible choices for specific delivery times and this is where shipping providers can leverage Itembase technology.

Financial Services

Advances in eCommerce technology are forcing far-reaching changes upon the financial services industry. When you think of these changes, one thing stands out; data integration is key to providing the activity metrics for analytics and reporting leading into improved customer service and client ease of mind.

Accounting & Tax

No matters the business type or industry, certain tasks such as tax filing, accounting and workforce management are inevitable. To reduce the human efforts involved with it, our integration technology allows organizations to consolidate data from multiple eCommerce channels to streamline business processes.


As organizations deal with an increasing amount of data, and an ever-growing suite of applications, it is becoming nearly impossible to manually coordinate everything. Integration empowers enterprises to free up resources, transact faster, and engage with customers more efficiently, in order to focus on what they do best: creating and selling new products.

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