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Shopify was founded in 2004 and by now is the most used Cloud Based Shopping Cart System for small to medium Merchants. Their App Store has a lot of traction, but is also more crowded than other App Stores through the many Companies launching Apps.


Magento is the most popular open source Shopping Cart System. Magento recently made big changes to their Marketplace structure which now means more potential for winning Merchants by being listed on the Marketplace.


Lightspeed started as a POS System for Merchants selling products physically, but in 2015 bought Dutch eCommerce Shopping Cart leader SEOshop and now offers both POS and eCommerce Shopping Cart.


The Ebay Marketplace enables access to 2000+ different Datapoints through the DataConnect integration API. Most companies don’t know that Ebay operates an App Store for Ebay Seller Solutions.


Prestashop is the largest Open Source Shopping Cart System besides Magento. Especially in Europe is Prestashop important. Prestashop provide multiple different partnership models besides the Module Marketplace itself.


Integrating with Amazon and providing Amazon Sellers is a must for many companies as the number of Merchants it growing rapidly. Amazon recently launched an App Store for certified Amazon Merchant Tool Providers.

Connectivity Planner

Use our Connectivity Planner to keep track of launch priorities to ensure transparency inside your organization. Based on the data that runs through DataConnect and our Benchmark Group of 250,000 Merchants, 550 Commerce Systems and 26,000 Solution Providers we turn your Connectivity into a data-driven operation.

Market Insights

Learn what Connectors fit your Strategy the best from Market Insights and Statistics.

Similar Merchants

Based on the Merchants connected through DataConnect we will guide on Connectors with similar Merchants.


Receive Notifications when a new Shopping Cart or Marketplace is launched.

An example Slide from a Market Entry Report for a Client entering the UK Market.

An example of a Platform Analysis based on similar Merchants for a Client with Worldwide Growth Aspirations. 

Notifications are send whenever a new Connector becomes available on DataConnect.

Market Entry Guidance

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Merchant Requests

Collect information on what Connections and Solutions Merchants Request in a structured way.  Implement the “What Merchants Want” Feature on your Webpage to power your connectivity strategy with real data. Furthermore you will receive notifications when a Merchant or Industry Partner requests a specific Connection to your Solution or a Solution like yours.

“What Merchants Want”

This Widget enables your Merchants to request any connector directly from your Website. The Request will feed directly into your Connectivity Planner.

Merchant Notification

Whenever a Merchant that is connected through DataConnect requests a connection to your solution or a solution in your segment you will receive a notification and the statistics is tracked in your Connectivity Planner.

Partner Request

Whenever a Industry Partner requests a connection to your solution or a solution in your segment you will receive a notification and the statistics is tracked in your Connectivity Planner.

An example implementation of the “What Merchants Want” Widget

Notification when a Merchant Requests Integration.

Notification when a Platform has started a Selection Process for Solutions in your Segment.

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