Everybody has a Market to Conquer

We’re conquering the World of eCommerce, “Viking Style”

Worldwide eCommerce Connectivity…

…is what we help our Customers achieve.

With strong roots from Scandinavia, we’re laying the groundwork for a connected global trade network, just like the Vikings did hundreds of years ago. We have replaced the ships and swords with APIs and Machine Learning, but we have kept the Viking spirit. Everyone on our team fights ferociously to connect the world of commerce to enable a smoother, simpler and more secure way of trading. This way our Customers and Partners will have a much simpler way conquering their markets. After all who couldn’t use a Viking or more on their side when conquering the World of Commerce.

Why an Itembase Viking?

Vikings build the basis for Commerce by connecting continents with their superior boats centuries ago. We all benefit today. Today we build the basis for the future of Commerce by connecting relevant Systems with each other. We have replaced the superior boats with API Connectors.

There a different kind of Vikings on our Team to ensure our Connectors reach their destination shores.

As a warrior you are at the the front at all times. Talking to customers, helping customers, leading the way.

Boat Builder
You’re building the boats that connect the World of eCommerce a.k.a. the API, the Platform, the Connectors, the Data Normalization.

Sharpening the tools we use internally to conquer. Whether it is Account Tools, Contracts or our HR Setup.

Understand what Customers want, what the Customers of our Customers want and making sure our strategy reflects that.

Itembase Valhalla Club

Vikings who fell on the battlefield came to Valhalla, where they would fight and feast with the Gods all day. Like the real vikings we cherish the team members who fell on the battlefield. Therefore the Itembase Alumni is called Valhalla Club.
Enter Valhalla

The Itembase Viking Chiefs

Meet the Chiefs who help set the Strategy for Conquering the World of eCommerce.

Stefan Jørgensen
Chief Executive Officer

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Ramo Karahasan
Chief Technology Officer

Read his Saga

Peter Rieman
Chief Operational Officer

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Kevin Worobec
VP Biz Dev

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Moritz Zimmermann
SAP, Industry Advisor

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Nick Basford
UPS, Industry Advisor

Read his Saga

Thomas Hessler
Zanox, Industry Advisor

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